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    Midea Sound is a high-tech company formed by multiple domestic technical elites and Silicon Valley Electromechanical Company in the United States, dedicated to the research and application of high-end digital audio products. We have a global elite R&D team with rich experience in the field of audio and video, focusing on the research and development of digital audio and video, DSP microelectronic control, analog-to-digital conversion, audio matrix, remote digital transmission, automatic control, and other disciplines. The sound of the beautiful flute has been synchronized with the world since its inception.
    The "Digital Media Control Center" independently developed by Midea Sound is currently the world's first digital control system that can integrate audio, video, and lighting control, and has obtained multiple invention patents and utility model patents. It adopts VST plugin technology and applies broadcasting and television level technology to the field of professional on-site real-time production. It has greatly improved in stability, practicality, controllability, and intelligence, becoming a "dark horse" in the field of digital "integrated media". Once launched, it has attracted high attention and recognition from the entire industry.
    Midi Sound will use wisdom and unremitting efforts to build a high-tech enterprise that integrates product research and development, manufacturing, and providing high-quality services to customers, committed to the transformation of China's digital audio professional market from "foreign manufacturing" to "Chinese innovation". Strive for exquisite design and excellent quality in products. Send out our voice for the globalization of China's digital audio industry. With one heart for the Chinese dream, the beautiful flute sound of the four seas!
    Meidi Sound Industrial Park covers an area of 26.34 acres, with approximately 30000 square meters of factory buildings, complete research and development laboratories, and a complete ecological industry chain. It is an outstanding manufacturer in the field of professional digital audio in China!